Beautiful Seoul

What a change when you come from Shanghai!

Seoul is so far an incredible city where everything is beautiful! People are tall, sophisticated… And the most surprising is that… You can have access to the Internet everywhere you go, even on the tube! I will now call Seoul the “Wi-Fi city”!

First thing that have caught my attention; the cleanliness of the city. No more burps, spits, rude people… what a change from Shanghai!

Korea is known for its spicy Kimchi!

…And for its spicy food in general!

I won’t post any picture of Korean BBQ because you keep telling me that it is not fair toward you to show some amazing and delicious food while you are eating pasta!

Besides talking about food, I can also tell you that Seoul has a beautiful architecture; mixing ancient and modern. Luckily for them and for us, some traditional palaces and temples have been kept as they were before. Look at these pictures and be seduced:

These pictures were taken at the Secret Garden and the following ones are from the Palace:

Hope you enjoyed it!


Sorry for the lack of coming news!

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Shanghai 上海; mon coup de coeur

Besides the World Expo, Shanghai is mainly amazing for its…
Shopping & Food!

You can literally find an amazing shopping place everywhere in Shanghai!

This modern city has almost 20 millions inhabitants who live either on the “Manhattan” of Shanghai called Pudong district or Puxi area which is considered as the traditional center of the city.

Pudong (above)

Puxi area

One thing that surprised me in SH was the fact that there were French people everywhere!! Expats, tourists, students… This city looks like an attractive place to work in a short term, the infrastructures are advanced, the transportation system is very convenient so if you are looking for a typical Chinese city, don’t go to Shanghai!!

This is one of my best souvenir in SH:

Tatiest dumplings I’ve ever tried… Go to West Nanjing Rd station, exit 3 🙂

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Shanghai – World Expo

Visiting Shanghai at that time of the year was THE opportunity to go and have a look at the World Expo 2010 held in Shanghai.

This expo took place from May 1 to October 31, 2010 and the theme was “Better city, better life”. Over 73 million of people visited the expo and each day there were more than 700,000 visitors! So you can imagine how happy I was to be there!

The process to enter was quite strict and regulated. Guards, the bip bip machine, then the tickets control part, and this and that and you’re in!!

The expo has more than 250 pavilions spread over 5.28 km².

Which one to visit first? Of course the France pavilion was a must to see!

I took loads of pictures, but I am just going to post one (if you want more, just tell me!)

Some pictures of the other pavilions:

If you want more pavilions just ask me!

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Last shots in Cambodia

A dragonfly – Phnom Penh

Angkor Wat – Siem Reap

Feeding a monkey in Angkor Wat – Siem Reap

A woman selling bananas in Angkor Wat – Siem Reap

Same woman and she is happy because I got ripped off!

Cute girls in Siem Reap

Lotus flowers – Siem Reap

A weird insect – Siem Reap

A dog missing an ear – Chi Phat

Interesting flower – Chi Phat

Interesting caterpillar as well – Chi Phat

Butterfly – Siem Reap

Kids – Chi Phat

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My orphans day

Before leaving Cambodia, I really wanted to make the most of my remaining time with my orphans. I spent a whole afternoon and evening with them, taking pictures and above all celebrating birthdays of 23 kids!

The orphanage House of Family organises several big birthday parties throughout the year as many of the kids don’t know their dates of birth… most of them only know the year they were born.

It was a wonderful day as we all gathered and had fun together! I will remember that day as I was extremely glad to be there for one of their happiest day of the year! They were all smiling and it was just beautiful…

These are some shots that I would like to share with you:

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Chi Phat (or how I survived 4 days in the jungle)

A wonderful story to tell you,

…. this is how it all started, happened and ended:

Beginning of October, my cousin, her friends and I decided to do something during one of the long (public holiday) weekends that Cambodia has to offer.

We chose to go to Chi Phat! Oh men, if I knew what was going to happen during those 4 days, I would have thought a 100 times before giving my approval!

Between resting in Mondolkiri with nice elephants rides, nice scenaries, nice…everything I must say!… We decided to go for a 4days jungle-i-don’t-know-how-to-survive-trip…!

Left on thursday, hired a taxi for a 5hour-drive and because we were 6 in that small taxi, the ride was not really comfortable as you can imagine, but oh well it was ok! The thing is that the taxi was -I think- racing! Overtaking when he shouldn’t have to, driving too fast near the motorbikes… When we arrived to -I forgot the name- we took a small boat for more than 2 hours; super long!!

Then we finally arrived!! Yee! or Yee….

We slept in homestays, we had the choice between guest houses and homestays… homestays of course! No electricity after 10pm, toilets and “shower room” outside with the chickens!
In the morning, we left the center with our rucksack and our moutain bike! We were 7 and 2 guides were with us, whom one was a cook (just in case we were hungry during that week end).

Geez, the adventure began quite fast as we had to cross a big river as soon as we left with our stuff and stuff!

Pheww did it… but that wasn’t the most difficult thing at all.. after all.

Had to cross big fields, forests, plains, rivers… horizontal, vertical…! Don’t forget that this is Cambodia so it was really hot: 34°C!

We slept in hammock and took our “showers” in rivers or waterfalls.

The circuit was super hard, rocks and trees everywhere! Of course, we met the lovely leeches that were just waiting for us and would come on you when you least expect it, and they would go everywhere… literally every-where…!!!! They left some horrible marks, and even a week after, I would still have these marks!

Second day, we were on our bike at 8am and stopped for lunch on a river.

VERY TOUGH day… With at least 7hours of biking/hiking, I obviously fell several times but didn’t really hurt myself, or maybe because my body was so numb I didn’t feel anything! However, my bruises say that I must have hurt myself!
…we were quite behind schedule that day and had to walk for more than 3hours in the dark (the sunset is at 5:30pm) and this, under the rain. Awesome! So at that point, we didn’t care anymore about the leeches, spiders, and weird animals that said hello on our way! The disgusting puddles full of -I don’t know what- had no more secrets! As soon as you put your foot on it, there was a delicate smell tingling your nose, hmm!
I saw the first bat cave of my life! Interesting.

I have also been stung by mosquitos… blue mosquitos (dengue mosquitos… luckily they do not always hold the disease)

I don’t really know what to tell you… there are so many things to say!
Leeches are horrible! They would suck you and leave you with a wound; if you are lucky, you won’t bleed but keep a nasty mark as a souvenir, otherwise you will bleed quite a lot but the mark is not that bad…!

Sometimes, I was wondering if it was not more of a hiking mountain trip rather than a biking moutain trip because sometimes the track was just impassable with bamboo trees everywhere and we had to fold ourselves to go through the bamboo trees with our bike and our 20kg rucksack! Or when the track was just vertical with big rocks as steps to walk on…

Overall I am very happy I did that now because… I will never do it again.

So that was a summary of my crazy week end that I will not forget!!!!

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Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is located on the West coast of Cambodia, around 3 hours away from Phnom Penh. To reach this heavenly place, you have to hire a boat which would take around half an hour from the mainland to the island.

How lucky was I to come when nobody was on the Island except the hosts?

This place is incredible with a very clear water and a spectacular sunset.


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